Beauty and Mr. Romantic

Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024)

50 episodes · TV Ongoing Beauty and Mr. Romantic, The Beautiful Woman and the Innocent Man , The Beautiful Woman and the Pure Love Man , Beauty and the Devoted , Minyeowa Sunjeongnam, 미녀와 순정남

Park Do Ra is a bright, brave woman with a challenging personality who became a top actress because her mother, Baek Mi Ja, said it was the only way to escape poverty. After earning fame and fortune as a top star, all Do Ra wants to do is rest and enjoy her riches, but her mother keeps causing trouble. Mi Ja always adorns herself in luxury, even more than any top star, thanks to Do Ra’s success. However, Mi Ja wants more. Do Ra can’t handle her tight schedule due to Mi Ja’s desires and wants to quit her new drama “Straightforward Romance,” but she can’t because she met her first love, Go Pil Sung, the assistant director.

Pil Sung is passionate about his job but tries to leave “Straightforward Romance” because of Do Ra, who was very particular to him when he was young. Unfortunately, an unusual assignment to exclusively lead her falls in his lap. Will Do Ra find her happiness by escaping her mother’s never-ending desires?

Beauty Newbie

Beauty Newbie

GMM 25, ViuTV
14 episodes · TV Completed Beauty Newbie, หัวใจไม่มีปลอม

Because of her looks, Liu has been bullied her whole life. In order to make friends in university and to escape the contempt of those who see her looks as unworthy of her dreams, Liu decides to pursue plastic surgery. Following her makeover, she meets Faye, an incredible natural beauty who becomes her first friend.

Fate, however, doesn’t seem to be on her side. She runs into Guy, a handsome guy who recognises Liu from middle school and warns her to be wary, to keep her distance from Faye. This causes Liu to dislike Guy even more, so different from Saint, a graduate student and her neighbour who’s always helping and encouraging her.

When a situation forces Liu to reveal to everyone that she’s not a natural beauty, the people around her, including people she saw as her friends, begin to badmouth her and she begins to think that she’ll never be enough.

Best Choice Ever

Best Choice Ever

CCTV, Tencent Video
38 episodes · TV Ongoing Best Choice Ever (2024), Story of Joy , Cheng Huan Ji , 承歡記, 承欢记

Mai Cheng Huan, a post-95 girl born into an ordinary family in Shanghai, proposed marriage to her boyfriend, Xin Jia Liang, at the urging of her mother, Liu Wan Yu. However, the favorable economic conditions of the Xin family made this originally equal emotional relationship unbalanced.

At the same time, Mai’s mother’s excessive intervention in her daughter’s life-long events accelerated the breakup between Mai Cheng Huan and Xin Jia Liang. Between being filial to her parents and being loyal to herself, Mai Cheng Huan struggled to find a way. She gradually broke away from her mother’s strong care and became more focused and enterprising in her work.

Mai Cheng Huan’s transformation has been recognized by her step-grandmother, and she entrusts her with the most important task of hotel management. Yao Zhi Ming, the step-grandmother’s grandson and a professional hotel manager, gradually understands and agrees with Mai Cheng Huan during cooperation with her, and the two become working partners and go hand in hand.

But in real life, Yao Zhi Ming was surrounded by the true feelings of the Mai family, and his relationship with Mai Cheng Huan gradually heated up. From “Cheng Huan’s knees” to “self-achievement”, Mai Cheng Huan has embarked on an extraordinary growth path that belongs to her alone.

Blood Free

Blood Free (2024)

Disney+, Hulu
10 episodes · TV Ongoing Blood Free, Dominion , Dominant Species , The Dominant Bell , Jibaejong , 우점종, 지배종

Ending millions of years of humans eating animal meat, BF now dominates the genetically engineered cultured meat market. There are people inside BF and outsiders who begin to have doubts about the path taken by BF CEO Yoon Ja Yoo. Yoon Ja Yoo founded BF with On San, who has a Ph.D. in physiology.

Meanwhile, after graduating from the Naval Academy, Woo Chae Woon served in the army, but he now works as a bodyguard.

Blossoms in Adversity

Blossoms in Adversity

40 episodes · TV Ongoing Blossoms in Adversity, The Story of Hua Zhi , Xi Hua Zhi, 惜花芷

A devastating tragedy of asset forfeiture suddenly befalls the Hua family. The men are forced into exile, leaving behind the women and children in dire straits. Hua Zhi, the young lady of the family, no longer stays low-key and steps up. She braves hardship and leads the women of her household to manage to avoid starvation and danger.

She transforms not only their lives but also the feared leader of the Seven Constellations, Gu Yan Xi, into her beloved “Mr. Yan”. During these lively and heartwarming moments, Hua Zhi rises from a sheltered lady to the head of her family, leading her toward a brighter future.

Chief Detective 1958

Chief Detective 1958 (2024)

10 episodes · TV Ongoing Chief Detective 1958,Chief of Investigation , Chief Investigator , Chief Inspector: The Beginning , Chief of Investigation 1963 , Chief Inspector 1963 , Chief Investigator 1963 , Susabanjang 1958 , 수사반장 1963 , 수사반장: 더 비기닝, 수사반장 1958

The drama will follow the story of Park Young Han, a passionate detective who boasts the highest arrest rate when it comes to petty thieves, as he teams up with three charismatic colleagues to break the norms of corruption.

Everyone Loves Me - One DramaHD

Everyone Loves Me

24 episodes · TV Completed Falling in Love , Only for Love , Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin , 別對我動心

Newly graduated classmates Gu Xun and Qian Ling are reunited when they both find work at a gaming company. Everyone Loves Me, The sweet and adorable Qian Ling has long held feelings for Gu Xun, so she is devastated when she confesses – only to be cruelly rejected! Gu Xun is in love with a tough-talking. no-nonsense female gamer who goes by the online handle Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua. However, Qian Ling and Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua are actually the same person, with the latter taking on a very different personality when she starts gaming!

What will happen when Gu Xun learns the truth about Nuo Mi Xiao Ma Hua’s true identity? Everyone Loves Me.

Eye Love You

Eye Love You (2024)

10 episodes · TV Completed Eye Love You, Ai Rabu Yuu,アイラブユー

After an accident, Motomiya Yuri can hear other people’s inner voices when she looks into their eyes. Due to these telepathic abilities, Yuri hears people’s true feelings that she does not want to know, and she often gets hurt in secret. She becomes afraid of knowing other people’s true feelings, and she becomes afraid of showing her true feelings to others as well. She does not get close to people if not necessary and gave up on falling in love.

One day, Yuri meets Yoon Tae Oh, a younger Korean student. Tae Oh has a bright and friendly personality and is loved by everyone around him due to his innocence. He is straightforward and extremely pure when it comes to love. When she happens to make eye contact with him, she hears his inner thoughts and voice, but in Korean! With Tae Oh she starts to think that the love she had given up on might still be possible. Will Tae Oh’s bright and straightforward presence melt Yuri’s closed heart, which is unable to reveal her true feelings?

Hard to Find (2024)

Hard to Find

Hunan TV, Mango TV
28 episodes · TV Completed Hard to Find (2024), Nan Xun , 難尋, 难寻

Princess Feng Yuan of Yongzhao and Young Master He Lian Xi of Linchuan were a pair of “Lian Lizhi” who were destined to live in harmony with each other. However, they made a private decision for life, which caused great changes in the clan. Three years later, the two reunited again, starting a battle full of temptations and pulls. A love story with an oriental flavor and redemption.


Hide (2024)

12 episodes · TV Ongoing Hide, Hyde , Haideu, 하이드

Na Moon Young is married to Cha Sung Jae, but Cha Sung Jae suddenly disappears. Na Moon Young tries to find her husband and uncover the secret behind his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Joo is neighbors with Na Moon Young. There is also a mysterious man named Do Jin Woo who holds the key to the secret of Cha Sung Jae’s disappearance.

In Blossom

32 episodes · TV Completed Hua Jian Ling , 花間令, 花间令, In Blossom

In the sinful city of Heyang, very well-liked Pan Yue married Yang Caiwei, who was despised by everyone. However, Yang Caiwei was murdered on their wedding day. The suspected culprit was none other than Pan Yue. Reborn from death, Yang Caiwei became known as “wicked woman” Shangguan Zhi.

She came back in a fierce attempt to expose Pan Yue’s true colors. As they bravely confronted the Four Major Clans and uncovered many old cases, their hearts drew closer once more. Yang Caiwei discovered that the true culprit was not Pan Yue, who had loved her deeply all along and never betrayed her. Just as things seemed to be falling into place, the mastermind behind the scenes set another trap, pushing them into the abyss of despair. Will their love survive it all?

In the Name of the Brother

In the Name of the Brother (2024)

BTV, Dragon TV, iQiyi, JSTV
40 episodes · TV Ongoing In the Name of the Brother, Harbin 1944 , Ha Er Bin 1944 , Mei You Wo De Cheng , 没有我的城 , 哈尔滨1944 , 哈爾濱一九四四, 哈尔滨一九四四

Set in Harbin under the puppet Manchukuo regime in 1944, Song Zhuo Wen, an underground party member disguised as a railway police officer, is mistakenly identified by the head of the spy department, Guan Xue, as her lifesaver—but is actually Zhuo Wen’s long-lost twin brother, Song Zhuo Wu. To uncover the ultimate mission of Kwantung Army officer Asano Daigo in Harbin, Zhuo Wen decides to use Guan Xue to infiltrate the spy department, but the sudden appearance of Zhuo Wu plunges him into unexpected trouble.

Guan Xue is cold-blooded and suspicious, cruel and ruthless, while Zhuo Wu is impulsive by nature, often unintentionally sabotaging Zhuo Wen’s operations. Only through the arrangements of their superiors do the brothers cooperate and protect each other, avoiding the overt and covert struggles among their colleagues in the spy department and eventually gaining the trust of Guan Xue and the Japanese officials.

Within this short year, the underground party members endure hardships to uncover and stop a secret operation conspired by the Japanese army and the Soviet Union, root out the puppet Manchukuo spies within their party, and welcome the final victory of the war.

Live Surgery Room

Live Surgery Room (2024)

JSTV, Youku
28 episodes · TV Completed Live Surgery Room, Surgery Live Room , Shou Shu Zhi Bo Jian , 手術直播間, 手术直播间

Zhen Ren is a surgeon who succeeded in achieving his father’s dying wish. With the help of ER director Pan, he joined Haicheng Hospital and took steps forward to save a patient during a Whipple procedure.

Zheng Ren devoted everything to being a doctor, and his skills caught the attention of genius doctor Su Yun, who began to study Zheng Ren’s methods. Su Yun comes to accept and admire Zheng Ren as a colleague after witnessing his selflessness when they both signed up for the frontline rescue team after an earthquake.

In order to treat a case of conjoined twins with arrhythmia, Zheng Ren and Su Yun join hands to form a team formed by a group of medical professionals that include equipment nurse Xie Yiren, attending physician Lin Yuan (Wei Wei), consulting physician Chang Yue, and German professor Rudolph.

Love at First Night

Love at First Night (2024)

16 episodes · TV Ongoing Love at First Night, Until We Love Each Other , Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun , Jon Kwa Ja Dai Rak Kan, จนกว่าจะได้รักกัน

Mueang, an outspoken eco-warrior geologist, and Apo, a distressed architect, share a passionate night. Later, Mueang learns she’s his father’s fiancée, leading to one big “it’s complicated” romance.

~~ Adapted from the novel “Likhit Kammathep” (ลิขิตกามเทพ) by Arita (อาริตา).

Love on a Shoestring

Love on a Shoestring (2024)

iQiyi, TVBS
24 episodes · TV Ongoing Love on a Shoestring, Wan Quan Sheng Qian Lian Ai Shou Ce , Wan Chvan Sheng Chien Lien Ai Shou Tse , 完全省钱恋爱手册, 完全省錢戀愛手冊

Jian Ke Ke, a super frugal white-collar worker not looking for love, meets the spendthrift Wang Hai Kuo. Fashionista Elly and Jian Ke Ke dislike each other. The sweetheart Sun Jia Li meets a silly and cute college student Li Yuan Chong. How will the bunch with completely different values choose between love and money?

Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner 2024

15 episodes · TV Ongoing Lovely Runner, The Best of Tomorrow , Run Away With Sun Jae on Piggyback , Run Away With Seon Jae on Piggyback , Tomorrow’s #1 , Tomorrow’s Number One , Time Walking on Memory , Carry Sun Jae and Run , Lovely Runner , Loverly Runner , Tomorrow's Best , Gieokeul Geodneun Sigan , Seonjae Eobgo Twieo , Naeileui Euddeum , Sunjae Eobgo Tweeeo , 내일의 으뜸 , 기억을 걷는 시간, 선재 업고 튀어

In the glitzy realm of stardom, Ryu Seon Jae shines as a top-tier celebrity, captivating the spotlight since his debut. Despite the facade of a perfect life, the demanding nature of the entertainment industry has left him utterly exhausted. Im Sol, an ardent admirer, holds an affectionate love for Ryu Seon Jae. A childhood accident derailed her dreams, yet the solace found in Ryu Seon Jae’s music on the radio transformed her into an unwavering fan.

The narrative takes a poignant turn when Im Sol, reeling from the breaking news of Ryu Seon Jae’s tragic demise, experiences a miraculous twist of fate. Transported back 15 years into the past, she confronts Ryu Seon Jae in his 19-year-old high school self. Im Sol grapples with the formidable challenge of altering the trajectory of his future, driven by an unyielding determination to avert the impending tragedy.

Missing Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince (2024)

20 episodes · TV Ongoing Missing Crown Prince, The Crown Prince Has Disappeared , The Crown Prince Is Gone , Sejaga Sarajotd, 세자가 사라졌다

A Joseon-era version of a romantic comedy about a crown prince who is kidnapped by a woman who is set to become his wife. While on the run for their lives, romance blossoms between the two.

My Divine Emissary

My Divine Emissary (2024)

24 episodes · TV Ongoing My Divine Emissary, My Divine Envoy , Shen Shi Jia Dao , Wo De Shen Shi Da Ren , 神使驾到, 我的神使大人

No one ever pays attention to Li Meng Meng, an insecure girl who does badly at school. One day, she strays into the unfamiliar world of the Qi Kingdom to be hailed as their godly envoy. Depending on her modern-day skillset, she becomes the mentor to the young black-bellied king.

Queen of Tears

Queen of Tears

16 episodes · TV Ongoing Queen of Tears, The Queen of Tears , Nunmului Yeowang, 눈물의 여왕

Baek Hyun Woo, who is the pride of the village of Yongduri, is the legal director of the conglomerate Queens Group, while chaebol heiress Hong Hae In is the “queen” of Queens Group’s department stores.

“Queen of Tears” will tell the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of this married couple, who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds.

Step By Step Love

Step By Step Love

Tencent Video
28 episodes · TV Completed Loving Step by Step , Bu Bu Qing Xin , 步步傾心

It tells the story of the cold company President Lu Chen Yang, who is a cruel revenge machine full of calculations to make his opponent pay the price. He finally meets his opponent, the daughter of a desperate rich family, Qianjin Bu Ran. When a hunter begins to fall in love with his prey, all the hatred in his heart turns soft.

Sword and Fairy 1

Sword and Fairy S1

iQiyi, Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Completed Sword and Fairy , Paladin Legend , Chinese Paladin , You Jian Xiao Yao , Xian Jian Qi Xia Chuan , 仙剑奇侠传 , 仙劍 , 仙剑 , 又見逍遙

Li Xiao Yao, a young inn attendant who dreams of becoming a great hero, accidentally meets Zhao Ling Er, a descendant of the goddess Nuwa. Together, they embark on a quest to find the Water Spiritual Bead, which can end the drought plaguing the land.

Along the way, they befriend the bickering partner Lin Yue Ru and the scholarly Liu Jin Yuan, among other like-minded companions. They face numerous dangers in their search for the spiritual bead and ultimately thwart the cataclysmic scheme of the Moon Worship Sect’s leader, who aims to destroy the world.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection

16 episodes · TV Ongoing 7인의 부활, The Escape of the 7 Season 2 , Seven Escape 2 , The Escape of the Seven Season 2 , 7 Escape 2 , 7 Escape Season 2 , The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival 2 , The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival Season 2 , The Resurrection of the Seven , Reborn of the Seven: War for Survival Season 2 , 7 Ineui Talchul 2 , 7 Ineui Talchul Sijeun 2 , 7인의 탈출2

Through the “Bobble Incident” that started the revenge and ended in blood, Do Hyuk became the culprit and lost his life. However, he didn’t die. Do Hyuk returns with seething vengeance to expose Matthew’s true identity to everyone. Kang Ki Tak and the unknown aide who goes by “Medusa” appear to help him. Matthew has no intention of stopping. With his fake identity, Matthew has the whole world crazy about him. He endeavors to be the epitome of his phony identity and take over Sungchan Group, the company his father raised with his life. Only then will his revenge be complete.

The seven wicked associates will now regroup to play the game of revenge that has reset in desperation. Some will be out for revenge, some for power, and some will hide their true goal in a new game where they will deceive and betray each other. How will the fates of the Seven reborn from lies end?

The Legend of Shen Li

The Legend of Shen Li

Hunan TV, Mango TV, Tencent Video
39 episodes · TV Completed Legend Shen Li , Yu Feng Xing , Yu Feng Xing Guan Wei , 與鳳行 , 与凤行官微 , 本王在此

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Shen Li is ordered by the Immortal Lord to return to the palace, where she must fulfil an alliance marriage to a member of the Divine Clan. This concerns the peace of both realms, who have been at war for a long time. She refuses to marry her fiancé, who has a bad reputation as a playboy, and while the guards give chase, she is wounded and falls into the mortal realm.

Due to the gravity of her injuries, she has now lost her spiritual power and reverted to her true form, which is that of a red phoenix. She is easily caught by a merchant who plucks her feathers and is placed in a cage to be sold.

Xing Yun is an aloof, lonesome man who buys the “chicken” and helps treat her injuries. This peculiar human, who for a strange reason can understand what she says, enjoys pranking her and loves hiding secrets.

Through their time together, Shen Li begins to understand just how frail mortals are, and to repay his kindness, she decides to protect her sickly saviour.


Troubles All Aboard! 2024

ABC, TV Asahi
10 episodes · TV Completed ひともんちゃくなら喜んで!,If Someone's in Trouble, I'd Be Delighted to Help! , Troubles All Aboard!

Despite being famous on social media as the “Angel of HR,” Hitomi Mamoru is unhappy with her job. Upset one evening, she goes out drinking, spending the night with a devilish stranger who changes her life!

Under the Gun

Under the Gun (2024)

6 episodes · TV Ongoing Under the Gun,언더더건

When the honor of his family is tarnished, Go Gun is faced with a difficult decision. The son of a professional poker player, Gun knows just how damaging the profession can be, yet joining the Korean Poker League may be the only way to save his family. Encouraged by transfer student Cha Se Young, Gun finds the strength to put his fears aside and tackle his problems head-on. With Se Young by his side, will his skill and determination ultimately bring him victory?

Walk with You

Walk with You (2024)

24 episodes · Special Ongoing Walk with You, Yu Jun Xing , 與君行, 与君行

On the day she married the second prince Xie Yuheng (Zhu Minxin), Su Yingying (played by Xu Zhenzhen), the daughter of the Su family, the chief assistant of the loyal cabinet, was led by Xie Yuheng to kill the whole family on the grounds that the chief assistant of Su was collaborating with the enemy and treason.

Xie Yuheng also became the crown prince. position. Three years later, Su Yingying returned with the intention of clearing her father’s wrongdoing and investigating the case of collaborating with the enemy and treason. She joined forces with the seventh prince Xie Yi’an (played by Lin Zehui) and disguised herself as Xie Yi’an’s maid Suying.

The two started with the counterfeit banknote case and found that the case was related to Su Shoufu and Xie Yuheng, so they investigated in depth. The two also went from being at odds with each other at the beginning. They worked together and approached the people involved in the counterfeit banknote case regardless of the danger.

They got closer to the truth step by step, and thus exposed Xie Yuheng’s conspiracy to seek power and usurp the throne. It turned out that Xie Yuheng was not In order to fight for the royal power, he manufactured counterfeit banknotes to amass wealth, bribed officials and cultivated a killer organization “Suzaku Pavilion” to eradicate dissidents.

Because Su Shoufu found out that Xie Yuheng was the mastermind of the counterfeit banknote case before his death, Xie Yuheng ordered his life Stealing Su’s official seal and forging documents indicating that Su was collaborating with the enemy to frame Su.

Will Love in Spring

Will Love in Spring (2024)

CCTV, Tencent Video
21 episodes · TV Ongoing Will Love in Spring, There Is a Lover in My Hometown , My Hometown Has A Lover , Wu Xiang You Qing Ren , Chun Se Ji Qing Ren , 吾乡有情人 , 情人 , 吾鄉有情人, 春色寄情人

Chen Mai Dong was once a rebellious youth, but after experiencing a life-changing event, he chose to become a funeral makeup artist. Zhuang Jie became disabled due to a car accident, but she worked hard and became a career elite in the big city in order to pursue a better self.

One is a funeral makeup artist with a rebellious personality but is emotionally and physically lonely; the other is a brave and dazzling medical salesperson with physical defects. Through constant struggles, they gradually understand and respect each other, healing each other’s “imperfections” with love.

Wonderful World

Wonderful World

14 episodes · TV Completed Wondeopul Woldeu, 원더풀 월드, Wonderful World

Psychology professor and famous author Eun Soo Hyun’s life unravels when her son falls victim to an injustice that goes unpunished by the legal system. Having lost faith in the world, she decides to take matters into her own hands, seeking retribution for her son’s death. Amidst her anguish, Eun Soo Hyun unexpectedly finds solace in assisting others entangled in mysterious cases akin to her own.